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Repurposing Space in a Facility: Sloping and / or Re-Sloping

Whether you purchase an industrial building or decide to repurpose an existing space, you may find that the industrial concrete floor is has no pitch. You've decided to install a drain or two, now you need to be sure any liquids flow to the drain to eliminate any standing water or other production fluids.

When a Concare representative evaluates the current floor condition, we can plot the location of the new drains in order to determine the 'high points' of the slope. We want to be sure to avoid a trip hazard at doors, stairs or any other location that can be a safety risk. Concare recommends a minimum of 1/8" of sloping per foot to a more aggressive 1/4" of sloping when necessary.

Once the new floor contour is installed, our installation team will verify that the sloping is performing as needed. The Concare team will check the flow of water to ensure it moves directly to the drain. One final step is to install the protective concrete coating to safeguard from any deterioration.

Contact Concare today if you're moving into a new facility or repurposing the existing space. Ask for me personally at 708-681-8800 in IL (covers IL, IN, IA) or 920-746-0330 in WI (covers WI, MI).

How to Prepare Your Facility for Concrete Floor Repairs in 5 Easy Steps

Preparing the space in your warehouse facility, distribution center or manufacturing plant for concrete floor repairs takes organization and time. Concare has put together a list of 5 steps to help make the process go quickly and smoothly.

1. Customer to clear the area(s) that need repair

2. Customer to direct pedestrian and/or forklift traffic away from the area(s) being worked on

3. Concare's repair crew will come in to repair any potholes, chips, joints and cracks

4. Based on materials used, Concare will let you know of any cure time necessary

5. Customer can put the newly repaired area back in use

Quick note on repair materials. All repairs are completed with high quality, resilient materials in order to accommodate any contraction or expansion. Cracks can move, meaning the concrete on one of the sides, shifts or moves. A high quality, flexible material will work to stop the crack in the concrete floor from progressing.

For further details on our repair methods, let me know and I'll send you our checklist and brochure.

Contact Concare today if you need to repair cracks, joints, chips, or potholes in your facility. Ask for me personally at 708-681-8800 in IL (covers IL, IN, IA) or 920-746-0330 in WI (covers WI, MI).