Industrial & Commercial Concrete Polishing

industrial concrete floor polishing

Concrete polishing 03 35 43 on commercial floors and industrial floors provides a beautiful, high gloss finish where image and safety are important. Commercial concrete polishing allows high traffic areas such as warehouse, retail stores and entertainment facilities can be designed to have a slip resistant and abrasion resistant floor finish. Industrial concrete polishing portrays a high quality corporate image especially for customer tours.

Concrete polishing floors is a process beginning with coarse diamond grinding progressing to finer and finer diamond grinding reaching the desired 'look' your company wants as a final floor finish. Concare's preparation and installation team installs a hardener or densifier application, or even a clear protective coating, where stain and spill protection is essential, to the diamond ground concrete sealing in the natural beauty with a glossy finish. For a super high gloss concrete polishing floor finish, Concare final processes your industrial or commercial concrete floor one final time with a burnishing machine.

Concrete Polishing Benefits include:

  • Reduce concrete floor dust
  • Increase reflective light levels
  • Easy to maintain
  • Aesthetically beautiful

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