Striping & Numbering Warehouse Floors

striping and numbering warehouse floors Striping and numbering warehouse floors for safety is one of the most important objectives a facilities manager or plant manager strives for in warehouse, distribution center or manufacturing facilities. One of the most effective ways to promote safety is to create traffic isolation with striping and floor marking by Concare.

There are numerous ways to promote striping and numbering safety on the warehouse floor: different colors, diagonal stripes, 'stop' guides, arrows, directing a forklift or pedestrians to safety. If your company currently has a safety standard for floor markings, consult the guidelines and allow Concare to review the criteria. We have performed striping and numbering for various companies adhering to their corporate standards and guidelines.

There are times when the facility needs to develop their own standards for striping and numbering for safety. Concare can help you identify critical areas and partner with you to create standards unique to your company's situation. Markings are used for:

  • forklift traffic
  • foot traffic
  • safety zones by equipment or racking systems
  • crosswalks
  • fire extinguishers
  • electrical panel isolation zones

Numberings are used for:

  • aisle identification
  • rack identification
  • zone identification
  • area / production identification
  • product inventory control

All of our striping and numberings on the warehouse floor are sealed to prevent chipping, peeling, scraping or discoloration and increase durability well past sprayed on parking lot stripes. Expect many years of service when you install striping, numbering and floor marking the Concare Way. Contact us.